Recommendations for Corn Cultivation

Plant Population
Method of Sowing Line to Line Distance (inches) Plant to Plant Distance (inches) Plant Population per Acre
Ridges Sowing 27” 7” 33,000 Approximately



    • Plant population should not be less than 35,000.
    • Above stated recommendations are based on last few years experiences.


Fertilizer Application (per acre) 
Time of Application Nitrogen (N) Phosphorous (P) Potash (K) Zinc (Zn)
During Land preparation

2 bags DAP

2 bags SOP


2 bags MOP

5-6 leaf stage

1 bag urea

6kg ZnSO4 33%

8-10 leaf stage

1 bag urea

14-15 leaf stage

1 bag urea

At flowering

1 bag urea



    • For more yield use recommended fertilizer after soil analysis, for soil analysis contact FD Seeds representative
    • To get 1 mound yield of corn “1 kg nitrogen” .5 kg phosphorus” “1 kg potash and 35 gram zinc” are recommended.