About Us


Seeds: Foundation for Next Generation


Our philosophy of developing healthier and authentic varieties of potato seeds originates from the fact that potato is the most extensively used food product, and its healthier forms can contribute towards generating healthier world population.

We are committed to providing a top quality product since 2005. We import seed potatoes from Europe according to the specific preferences of local growers. Cultivation conditions vary from region to region, with respect to climate, soil and fertilization. Hence we import range of varieties of seed potato which can combine with these key factors to determine desired final product. We are in process of developing trial fields in our region where we will be able to try our new varieties prior to making them accessible to our customers. Helping to increase yield of our customers is our top priority, hence we also provide professional guidance for cultivation of our seeds to generate maximum yield.



We target efficiency, responsibility and market oriented development of corn varieties. To respond the needs of local consumers, our technical researcher team is working rigorously on developing range of corn varieties, particularly for spring and autumn. We are developing improved hybrids for greater yield of corn products as the right hybrid can increase the yield significantly.

Demand for corn processing is growing exponentially since last decade, hence we are developing technologies to improve starch yield and grain for further processing of the corn products. Before making them available to the customers, we extensively test our products in local research trials. We go out of the way to reduce potential risks which can adversely affect our customers’ yield.