About Us

At FooDelicious, we believe it is challenging to keep high nutritional food, the food you turn to everyday, which is exciting and satiating as well. That’s why we have introduced food which does more than just satisfying appetite at competitive prices. Customers’ health and satisfaction is our top priority. We manufacture our products in extraordinary ways, from importing high quality seeds to producing food and feed ingredients.

We ensure to meet our goal of producing nutritious corn products with high efficiency in safest environment. We produce food ingredients, animal feeds and feed ingredients to fullest refinement. This vertical integration combines the talent of the producers with a processing facility capable of producing high quality food ingredients.


We buy yellow and white corn from local farmers and mill the corn into both conventional and DEgerminated corn grits, corn flour and corn bran. Our products also include whole grain corn grits and whole grain corn flour.


We produce corn products , with extensive crushing and refinement, which is used in most popular foods such as snacks, bread etc. Corn grit is used in cereals and snack food. Corn bran is protein/ fibers rich ingredient, a significant component of healthy diet.